Teco 8kg Top Load Washing Machine


TECO 8KG Top Load Washing Machine is specifically designed to ease the washing process and save time. Some of its many features include Soft-Close Lid, Fast-Clean System, 7+1 Wash Programs, and a One-Touch Smart-Wash System. Also, with a Dual-Liquid Balance System, this clever washing machine dynamically balances itself during the high-speed spin.

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Teco 8kg Top Load Washing Machine


With this 8kg Top Load Washing Machine, Teco has continued to be a reliable name in household appliances. This top-loading washing machine is specifically designed to ease the washing process, and save you time.

This smart washing machine has been designed with 7 +1 washing programs. Perfect for different fabrics since each fabric’s needs are different with its specific washing environment and condition. So, select the most appropriate washing program for your laundry.

To prevent the highspeed spin vibration, this TWM80TCM top-load machine has a dual liquid balance system that reduces the machine’s internal vibration and the noise too. It dynamically balances during the high-speed spin.

TECO 8KG Top Load Washing Machine has a sturdy and durable lid that is primarily designed using the soft-lid mechanism. This reduces the accidental slamming of the lid and assures you to save your fingers from pinching.



Soft Close Lid:

TECO top-load machine features the soft-close lid mechanism.  This helps to eliminate the risks of accidentally slamming the lid,  saving your hand from pinching in between. This makes it much safer to use and offers complete hands-free operations.

Teco designed Fast-Clean System:

This 8KG smart machine gives you the benefit of a fast cleaning system that saves your time and effort. This unique feature increases the water blow effect. This allows the Teco 8kg washing machine to simultaneously fasten up the washing process while maintaining the same wash program. This works on all but two programs – soft and quick 15 programs.

This 8kg Top Load Washing Machine has a Dual-Liquid Balance System:

TWM80TCM washing machine is designed to reduce the washing machine’s internal vibration noise, and corrects the “most out-of-balance” issues by ensuring the unit remains dynamically balanced during the high-speed spin with laundry liquid.

A Machine with 7+1 Wash Programs:

This smart washing machine has different washing programs. These ensure that every fabric and delicate is being taken care of. There are different washing programs including soft, strong, heavy, and quick-15 that can be selected as per the requirements. So, stop worrying about your fabrics, the machine does the work for you.

An 8kg Washing Machine with One-Touch Smart-Wash System:

This top load washing machine is smartly designed with a one-touch smart panel. With this, you can simply press ON and let the machine do the rest. Fuzzy logic is activated, which starts the measuring of laundry weight and water level, which helps in selecting the appropriate wash program, and soon after which the washing starts.


2 Year Manufacturer warranty (New in Carton)
Washing and Drying machines are covered for Domestic use only.

(see “Additional Information” for Warranty Details)

Additional information

Weight 67 kg
Dimensions 660 × 600 × 850 cm
Appliance City Whitegoods Warranty

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1. Subject to the conditions below, the product is warranted for parts and labour from the date of purchase, and period varies as follows:
a) Full Manufacturer's Warranty on all Brand New Products
b) 12 Months Warranty on all Factory Second and Carton Damaged Products
c) 3 Months Warranty on all Refurbished Products
2. The warranty covers normal domestic use only; and where the product is being used for a commercial purpose or the product was purchased for resale (wholesale purchase) the warranty period is three (3) months from the date of purchase. This warranty is not transferable. Normal domestic use does not include using the product in caravans, mobile homes, buses, aircraft or seacraft.
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