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Frequently asked questions about our Central Coast appliances and whitegoods available online

We’ve provided answers to many of the questions our technicians are asked frequently about the online appliances and whitegoods available through Appliance City on the Central Coast. Please contact us today you need further assistance and we’ll be happy to help.

This could be caused by the over use of washing powder, or by using the incorrect type of powder (top loader powder in front loader machines). Top loader and front loader machines require different levels of detergents.

It would depend on the nature of the fault. Repairing minor faults may give you many more months or years with a fault-free machine. However, major repairs may prove expensive. You will need to compare the cost of repairs to replacing the machine with a new one, which will come with a 12-month manufacturing warranty.

This term refers to a particular way in which a split system air conditioner can be installed. It is when the indoor unit and the outdoor unit share the same wall. This reduces the amount of pipe required to connect the two units.

To ensure you receive the correct size unit for your property, we recommend a site visit from our air conditioning experts. An undersized unit will not adequately cool a room. This can also prove costly as the machine operates flat out as it tries to keep temperatures down. We can provide you with a quote for the supply and installation of a suitably sized air conditioning system.

Operating costs are determined by many factors, such as how long and how frequently the unit is used, as well as the size of the area it needs to cool down.

This type of air conditioning system has an in-built inverter which controls the compressor motor speed to regulate the temperature. Inverter air conditioning systems are more economical and energy efficient than non-inverter machines.

Environmental factors will determine the precise timeframe. Generally, a split system air conditioner takes about 4 – 6 hours to install.

Hints, Tips & Checklist
Sometimes a machine fault is caused by a simple error. It’s a good idea to check the following prior to booking a service call on your faulty machine.


Washing Machine
Always check to ensure the machine is connected to taps and that the water is turned on. Check power is on or that the power point is not faulty. You can do this simply by plugging in your kettle. Check the drain hose is not blocked.


Always use the correct detergent in your machine.
We recommend you rinse your dishes prior to adding them to your dishwasher.
Regularly remove spray arms to unblock and clean out.
Regularly run a de-scaler through your machine. It will remove built up grime and clean out the internals of your dishwasher.


Fridges & Freezers
Never defrost your fridge or freezer using a knife or something sharp. Not only is this dangerous to you, but you also risk puncturing the evaporator of your machine. For faster defrost times, always ensure your fridge/freezer is turned off. Then use small amounts of water to break down the ice. Check the seals, to see if they are not closing securely. A slightly ajar door will increase energy costs and cause problems with the machine.


Ovens & Stoves
Check the clock to make sure it is set. If it is not set, it will not work. This is a common reason for why oven/stoves won’t switch on. Avoid spilling liquid on/around your machine. Ensure any spillages are promptly mopped up.


Regularly remove lint build up from the filter.
Allow the machine to cool down by putting it on the cool setting before turning it off.


General Service Tips
Never dismantle an appliance yourself. First, it’s a safety risk. Second, we cannot check the machine if it has been dismantled. We would need to reassemble the machine, and this would increase labour costs. You also risk losing or damaging parts if you disassemble your machine.

Take note of when the problem occurs. What setting is the machine on? How long into operation does it begin to fault?

Take down the brand and model number of your machine as this allows our technician to arrive fully prepared to tackle that particular machine, as well as carry parts specific to that model.

Keep your job number as a reference. If you need to ring us, it allows us to access your job details promptly and efficiently, saving you time.

Appliance City takes no responsibility for your actions based on the above information. If you are not sure if something is broken/faulty, please contact us prior to trying to repair it yourself. Please be safe and cautious, especially around electricity.

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