7kg Auto Sensing Dryer By Teco with Front Vent


The  7kg Auto Sensing Dryer by Teco, is a cleaver unit. Fitted with an easy to use front mounted electronic selector. The Push button control makes this dryer simple to operate.

Save space, mount it on a wall (bracket included).

Keep the family safe with the Child Lock and Thermostat protection. This dryer also has Auto Sensing and Anti Crease.

 View the feature packed  Teco 7 kg Auto Sensing Clothes Dryer, and our other products, in store now.

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7kg Auto Sensing Clothes Dryer with Front Vent and Child Lock

7kg Clothes Dryer with Auto Sensing/Auto Reverse Control

This clever feature ensures the dryer only runs while your items are wet and will stop once they are dry. This cuts down on running time and energy.

180 ° Door Access

The door fitted on the TECO Vented Clothes Dryer, opens to a complete 180 °, allowing complete access into the drum. This makes it easier to load and unload items.

Child Lock

Prevent little fingers or accidental button presses by activating “child lock” on the control panel.

LED Display

The easy-to-read digital display makes it a breeze to select a program and functions, to ensure the correct selection for each program.

Anti-Crease Function

Intuitive features prevent over-drying of items. This feature can save you time and assist in reducing wear on some fabrics.

Thermostat Protection

Built-in safety features prevent overheating. With TECO Clothes Dryers, thermostat protection can prevent damage to the appliance and laundry items.

Wall Mountable

This TECO Vented Clothes Dryer comes with a wall bracket kit that enables you to hang the dryer on the wall. Once mounted, swap the control decal for correct operation and positioning.

Front Vented

The front vent assists in the removal of moist air from inside the clothes dryer. Efficiently drying fabrics and laundry items.

Electronic Touch Control

This TECO Clothes Dryer operates at the touch of a button. Simple touch controls make it easy to select programs and functions.

11 Drying Programs

Choose from eleven (11) different drying programs to suit just about any laundry drying requirement. This ensures the correct temperature, duration, and features needed for a vast list of fabrics and items.

375mm Door Opening Diameter

A large door opening makes it easier to place and remove larger items, such as blankets and towels.

Easy Access Lint Filter

Inside the door opening is the easily accessible lint filter. Simply lift away for cleaning and routine

Delay Start

1 ~ 24 Hours.


2 Year Manufacturer warranty (New in Carton)
Washing and Drying machines are covered for Domestic use only.


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