Samsung 696L Refrigerator is Side by Side


This Samsung 696L Side By Side Refrigerator features the fridge next to the freezer. This gives you maximised storage space for large families and keen entertainers. Narrow doors swing out to reveal neatly stored fresh and frozen goods on sturdy shelves, and in multiple compartments.  Samsung’s All-Around Cooling technology maintains an even temperature to ensure food stays fresher for longer, irrespective of what shelf items are stored. It has a 3 Star Energy Rating.
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Samsung 696L Refrigerator

Designed for standard Australian Kitchens*

Sleek & Seamless Design

Give your home a style update. Designed to fit under standard Australian kitchen bulkheads,*the Samsung 696L Refrigerator helps create a harmonious look for clean styling and an integrated, modern look. The matte finish with flat doors and recessed handles adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Controls that are not frequently used are relocated to the inside of the fridge to give a seamless look.

Designed for standard Australian Kitchens*

* Fits a standard 1800mm cavity. Please review full fridge dimensions to determine suitability.

Preserve freshness in your food

All-around Cooling

All-Around Cooling technology helps maintain freshness in your food, irrespective of which shelf it is stored on. Multiple air-vents placed on every shelf circulate cool air evenly inside the fridge and the freezer to reduce temperature fluctuations inside and help keep your food fresher for longer.

Preserve freshness in your food

Fast cooling and freezing

Power Cool / Power Freeze

Enjoy a rapid cooling performance at the touch of a button. “Power Cool” blows intensely cold air into the fridge to help quickly cool your groceries or favourite drinks. And “Power Freeze” delivers a fast blast of cold air into the freezer. It’s great to help freeze or firming up frozen food, and for making ice.

Fast cooling and freezing

Neatly store your favourite wines

Wine Rack

Organise and neatly store your wine with our handy Wine Rack. Now, with its own rack, wine can be safely and securely stored without using up precious shelf space in the fridge. It can be set up on either the upper or lower fridge compartments for easy access. So now you can enjoy a glass of deliciously chilled wine whenever you like.

Neatly store your favorite wine

Help maintain your food’s flavour

Deodorizing Filter

This filter helps to keep the air inside your fridge clean and preserve the original flavour and aroma of food. The air continually passes through the built-in natural fiber “Deodorizing Filter”. As this filter contains activated carbon, it is able to remove those unwanted strong smells from your fridge. Because the “Deodourising Filter” is cleaning the air, there is no need to use any other odour fighting solutions.

Help maintain your food's flavour

Easily store your vegetables and fruits

Vege Box

A large-capacity “Vege Box” provides a convenient space to store a large number of fresh vegetables and fruit. And because it’s so big, it’s much easier to find everything – all in one place and easy to get to.

Easily store your vegetables and fruits



NOTE: Factory Second.     Conditions apply.
May have signs of dent or scratch
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Weight 101 kg
Dimensions 716 × 912 × 1780 cm


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